If you’re a regular reader you may or may not have already guessed that I typically write these posts in advance and then set them to publish on a schedule. It’s not really a hard and fast rule, but if I have a couple of posts to publish in a week then I’ll usually schedule them on a Tuesday and a Thursday at the start of the workday here in the Mountain timezone so that they catch the end of the workday in Europe.

The reason I mention this is because the post I published yesterday – Voicemail: A Beginner’s Guide – was actually written last Sunday before I left for my business trip. As it turns out it was extremely prophetic because I spent Tuesday and Wednesday with other leaders from my workplace talking about our culture and how we become better at leveraging the values we already hold, ensuring that the work we do for our internal customers (all my customers are internal) translates correctly and has a positive impact on our end-user customers.

The session was excellent and hugely valuable, and I’m not doing it justice in my description.

I mention it mostly because the overuse of email and the underuse of the phone became something of a common theme, as did intentionality and using your own behaviours to drive the right behaviours in others.

Great minds think alike, hey?

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