I purchased the stupid $400 headphones that I’ve mentioned once or twice before.

I already love them. Last night while Flo was out walking the dog I tried listening to a bunch of different types of music (some hip-hop, some classic rock, and some classical) and it all sounded amazing (currently playing: Kleerup’s self-titled album).

When she got home she was in the bedroom doing something, and I was vaguely aware of some noises in the apartment. I hit pause and I could hear Charlie barking. It sounded so much like he was outside in the hallway that I actually got up to go see what was going on, and let him in if he’d somehow been left out there.

Once I’d taken the headphones off and I didn’t have the benefit of noise cancelling I could hear that he wasn’t actually in the hallway at all – he was standing about eight feet from me.

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