Mobile Only Email Without Passwords?

I wrote recently about 10tracks, which is the music streaming service I signed up for while I waited for Google Play Music to become available in Canada.

Of course, while my music collection was still in the process of uploading to the service Google made Music available in Canada, although I’m still yet to upload my collection over there. I like that 10tracks also provides me Grooveshark-like functionality and allows me to build playlists from music that isn’t in my own collection.

Anyway, since I’m apparently all about Russian startups these days, I’m also trying out

The concept is interesting. It’s an email service, but it’s only available through a mobile app. There’s no password, because it uses text message authorizations instead. I’m not convinced by that business model, but I signed up mostly because I think it will have to change, and desktop access will one day be provided. I got on the bandwagon early though because email addresses are short, and it’s a new service so there are lots of good email prefixes still available – I snagged my own name without needing to put any weird punctuation or numerals in it.

We’ll see how the service develops.

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