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By the 14th century, human waste management problems had become so widespread in French cities that, for instance, medieval Paris had streets named rue Merdeux, rue Merdelet, rue Merdusson, rue des Merdons, rue Merdiere, and rue du Pipi.

Priceless NFT Artwork Vandalized With Spray Paint Tool bit.ly/3cvcAnt https://t.co/SqMnM4N57a

According to new research by astrophysicists at MIT, work tasks take, on average, 1.7x the time you think they will.

"I'm not traveling, I’m not entertaining, I’m just sitting in front of my computer — but I am accomplishing way less. It’s like a whole new math. I have more time and fewer obligations, yet I’m getting so much less done.”
--Susan Orlean

Olive Oil In Skinny Bottle Obviously Better bit.ly/31J91Ul https://t.co/IyqHpXekQj

I'm formulating plans for the next phase of #smarthome stuff: @ZWave dimmers (which I've already ordered from @smartest_house), trying out some #zigbee bulbs other than #PhilipsHue and flashing #Tasmota onto everything that'll take it (we have at least a dozen cheap smart plugs).

How to achieve Smart Home nirvana (or, home automation without subscription) arstechnica.com/information-te…

Something we like to do here on April Fools’ Day is play harmless practical jokes and pranks on the unsuspecting.

Springtime in #YYC. https://t.co/F8CB69b492

Thanks to whoever watered me just now!! So moist.

Frap that. They're zoomies. twitter.com/qikipedia/stat…

Those frenetic periods of random activity when your cat or dog suddenly zooms around for no apparent reason have an official name: ‘frenetic random activity periods’, or FRAPs.

Bark woof woof.

Why ask for extra salt and pepper packets if you’re not even going to use them?

If Wales win tonight, AWJ will be the first man to win a Grand Slam in three consecutive decades 🤯

#GuinnessSixNations #FRAvWAL https://t.co/ppkZQdFj7R

Did a bit of gentle sanding with a Dremel and really thought I'd somehow filled the air with sawdust everywhere in the house. Started to panic about the enormity of the cleaning effort. Eventually caught on that it was just my glasses that were dirty. 🥸

Ask yourself:

Could this meeting be a zoom?
Could this zoom be a phone call?
Could this phone call be an email?
Could this email be a text?
Could this text be unsent?

Could we in silence retreat to the forest?
Could we, by game trails & forgotten paths, vanish into the trees?

Woof woof bark bark, woof!


Double feature in our home theatre today. “Coming to America” this afternoon, followed by “Coming 2 America” after dinner. https://t.co/x6lJJWRKlb

Woof, bark bark.

Before Australia selected ‘dollar’ as the official name of its currency in 1963, among 1,000 names suggested by the public were the oz, the roo, the boomer, the kwid and the dinkum.

5G has arrived in my neighborhood! I'm not 100% sure when this happened because I hardly ever leave the confines of my home WiFi these days, but mobile internet is now as fast as my home cable connection ⚡ https://t.co/MqsjvAa6xl

Happy International Women’s Day! Shoutout to local Women too. You’re also pretty great. #InternationalWomensDay

Did you know that you can ask Google Assistant “what's this song?” and then just hum it!? I just learned this and used it to find this (which I grant you, probably lends itself very well to humming).


According to new research, your cat will happily take treats from your enemies.

Your dog, however, will not. https://t.co/c1EnCENCbT

Made the mistake of updating the firmware of my doorbell last week and now it rings my phone, but it doesn't ring the actual chime in the house. Waiting for a warm day to go outside and do a hard reset. @internetofshit

How do you think they identified him? edmonton.ctvnews.ca/dangerous-offe…

"My brain insists this is photoshopped but it's actually the #1 New Release in Sunglasses on amazon dot com."
via @BoingBoing https://t.co/coIgHUX51I

Hang on, I gotta write this one down.

Eight years ago today I bought a gavel I found in an antique store in Banton, and I've been ruling meetings with an iron fist ever since. https://t.co/k82DHzdvxy

Really enjoyed today's puzzle of the day. It's #sudoku, except instead of providing a few numbers to get started you get regions with the total given for the numbers they contain.

It's a glorious day for a #Weekend #Morning #ExtraMediumWalk with @snoopysbf. There's some ice beneath the snow that made it a bit slippery, but it's nice and warm for once. The obligatory landscape pic is my classic “sunrise through the trees” shot.

In 2015, two Americans were injured in separate events where a man shot at an armadillo and it ricocheted off its shell.

Woof bark, woof woof.

Still not my favourite puzzle type, but at least I knew enough this time to not accidentally turn it over and see the answer before seeing the question. Expand to see it.
Answer: Tower

Eating inside is no picnic.

how am i supposed to explain to my kid that a potato can be either a boy or a girl?? or sometimes have feet instead of eyes?? how do i look my child in the eye and tell them all your body parts are stored in your body via a lil plastic door on your butt twitter.com/AP/status/1364…

here is what. i plan to accomplish today:

2. bark loudly. but at nothing
7. lose my ball under the couch
7b. politely ask the human. to get my ball
3. immediately lose it again. under the same couch
4. big nap. you have worked hard
2. repeat

I'm super honoured that @atbfinancial is sponsoring @SocialAtHome next week and we have some #ATBUp surprises in store as well. twitter.com/ABeconomist/st…


I’M TRYING TO GO TO SPACE & you can help me get there!

If you retweet this video, I’ll print your name on a shirt and wear it in space in your honor ☄️

#inspiration4contest #sendsimonetospace
sendsimoneto.space https://t.co/938FCZRe19

I bought a pencil and an eraser – neither of which I've had any need for in years – to improve my workflow when a sudoku pops up from my stack of one a day puzzles. ✏️

Bark bark, bark.

Happy Birthday to the legend Kurt Cobain, who would've been 54 today https://t.co/Epw2vPFhxa

A rare Saturday #Weekend #Morning #ExtraMediumWalk with @snoopysbf this weekend because @asiancwgrl is off today and wanted to sleep in. 🐶 is so mad about this that he's shaking, despite the glorious sunrise we saw outside. 🐕🐾📸

I swear, it's all “me, me, me” with this plant. twitter.com/JasonsPlant/st…

New kind of puzzle today. Not my favourite.
The word is “cabin” and I know this because I accidentally looked at the back of the card when I was picking it up from the pile 😐