they need to be rehabilitated and trained in the typewriting industry twitter.com/ABC7NY/status/…

Tearful Justin Trudeau Chains Self To Keystone Pipeline To Stop Biden Administration From Destroying Oil Industry Heritage Site bit.ly/39e9l28 https://t.co/Pq1SLa78BT

In 1986 Michael Foot MP was made the chair of a disarmament committee. The Times headline ran: ‘Foot Heads Arms Body’

Everything has a light dusting of fresh snow and the world is all sparkly and white for today's walk with @snoopysbf. The obligatory landscape pic doesn't even do Had t justice. Had to skip our extra medium route today in favour of our regular weekday path, but 🐕 was eager to get home for breakfast anyway. 🐶🐾📸

Londoners have been ordering takeaway curries since at least 1733.

Alright, fine. twitter.com/JasonsPlant/st…

Today is the only day you can tweet this https://t.co/SrJFPxqjUW

Incredible - the longtime admin of QAnon's online home, who propped up mass conspiracies for years, basically goes 'maybe the real Q was the friends we made along the way, ok well stay tuned for my next project!' twitter.com/kevinroose/sta…

Joe Exotic’s 4th Husband https://t.co/IKrT96mCs3

People who do sudoku on paper (as opposed to digitally), how do you do it? I rely on little notes in each square but there isn't space for that doing it on paper.

I love this! flip.it/vdmMeA

One of the most popular cookbooks in Victorian Britain - Mrs Beeton's Book of Household Management - recommended cooking pasta for one hour and forty-five minutes, and noted that potatoes are "suspicious".

It was a bit of a treacherous #Weekend #Morning #ExtraMediumWalk with @snoopysbf today, but at least 🐕 slept in a bit and we didn't have to go at sunrise. Black and white obligatory landscape pic today. Artsy. 🐶🐾📸


Woof woof woof, woof woof!

Clue from the crossword I did this morning. Five letters. https://t.co/CIfoswh6xM

Relatively simple puzzle today, which is good because I really didn't have a spare hour to dedicate to it like I spent on yesterday's sudoku. 😐

The numbers 1 to 9 go in the white squares

The surface of the Atlantic Ocean is not level; the water level is a few centimetres higher on the European side than on the Canadian side.

I got matching hoodies for @asiancwgrl and @snoopysbf! They comprehensively failed to arrive in time for Christmas, but the wait was definitely worth it.

Dog insisted that today's #Weekend #Morning #ExtraMediumWalk with @snoopysbf take place in time for him to see the sun come up, so we took a stroll down to our favourite neighborhood pond, snapping an obligatory landscape pic along the way. Back home now for cuddles on the sofa. 🐕🐾📸

Hello I am brand new to Twitter, what are you guys up to

This concludes the first week of 2021.

“Rectangles” is today's puzzle. The numbers represent the size of the rectangle they're in. Each rectangle contains one number. https://t.co/ieJ0fs2xdf

Day 1 vs. Day 1,448 https://t.co/OohffkCQrc

Now is better than later.

Done is better than perfect.

Keep moving.

Possibly I should update this now that the plant has moved to my house and I'm the only person that waters it, but I think I like the idea that the plant assumes it's always @Katheryn_mur that's taking care of it better. twitter.com/JasonsPlant/st…

This binary puzzle might be my favourite yet from my stack of 365 quick puzzles. Each row and column has five 0s and 1s, and there can't be more than two of the same next to each other. https://t.co/poRfVC0n1n

Woof bark woof bark bark.

Me going back to work for the first time in 3 weeks twitter.com/dog_rates/stat…

Our routines are starting to get back to normal, and of course that includes the #Weekend #Morning #ExtraMediumWalk with @snoopysbf. The fact that we didn't get around to it until 4pm and the obligatory landscape pic is at sunset probably doesn't bode well for my first day back at work tomorrow, though. 🐕🐾📸

Hey everyone who has not travelled (even across the city) to see family and loved ones this holiday season (and year), who are even conscious of unnecessary trips to the grocery store-THANK YOU for looking out for your community. ❤️

happy 2nd day of New Year!!! a chance to look back on our mistakes we made Jan 01, and start fresh

Just found out it’s Friday today! 🤯

wowww it’s 2021 here in korea!! wanna know what the future is like?!!

- it is dark out
- everyone is asian
- my grandma is gently snoring

from dec 26 to jan 1 nobody exists. we all become untethered from the universe. it's confusing and nice

🎄 https://t.co/W3nhU5D7cr

😯😯😯 https://t.co/4WY3B6RTwy

How people get up at 5am on Boxing day to go fight over big screen TVs in Walmart I will never understand. I am so full of food I could sleep for a week.

This year's Christmas Day #Bond movie: 2002's Die Another Day. Pierce Brosnan drives an invisible Aston Martin, if I remember correctly.


It's a white #Christmas #Afternoon #ExtraMediumWalk with @snoopysbf today. We snapped the obligatory landscape pic over the ravine behind the house. Back home for movies now. 📸🐾🐕

Steamed and frothed Bailey's poured over a shot of espresso might become a new Christmas thing in the De Guzman-Williams household.

Important research. https://t.co/0Drerro3BQ

Maybe just this once, just for this Festivus 2020, we take pass on the “Airing of Grievances”..

Happy festivus, everybody! I got a lot of problems with you people.

Winter arrived.

Today's Christmas movie. https://t.co/KjQuVdeYDu

Checked the #YYC traffic cameras to see what road conditions are like given all the snowfall and https://t.co/TchIGd5jqg

Only 369 days to Christmas

The Stratford Festival Theatre in Ontario, Canada putting on a production of Billy Elliot in 2019 for service-dogs-in-training to practice sitting quietly through a performance. twitter.com/gmeanwell/stat…