Woof, bark woof bark, bark.

Anyone want it? $5 and it's yours 🤣 twitter.com/JayWll/status/…

Found this in the basement, wrapped in pages from a 1998 edition of the Calgary Herald, above the ceiling in one of the bedrooms. Alright then. https://t.co/Grh8d4K9n3

Woof, woof woof woof.

After 45 minutes of math I have confirmed that the loyalty rewards program at my gas station of choice is indeed the best. Time well spent! Maybe next I'll make a spreadsheet and some charts. ⛽

Woof, bark.

Sadly I was vaccinated too early for anyone to pay me $100 for it, but regardless I've donated my $100 to the Calgary Health Trust's COVID-19 response fund, and for good measure another $100 to the provincial NDP givinghearts.calgaryhealthtrust.ca.

Any time a headline is in the form of a question the answer is "no" and there's really nothing more to be learned by reading the article. ctvnews.ca/health/coronav…

Thanks to whoever watered me just now!! So moist.


Woof woof woof bark!

Bark bark woof woof.

I think he likes the boat? Or maybe he hates it? It's hard to tell, but I like to think it's scary in a good way, like a rollercoaster 🐕🚣🏻🎢 https://t.co/hyDCE4pABF

🚣🏻‍♂️🌅🏖️ @ Lake Isle, Alberta instagram.com/p/CSuiyaphz5M/…

I'm mad about this, and also the charger that came with my Pixel 5 is still in the box because I never unpacked it. engadget.com/google-pixel-6…

Bark bark.

This. Hardly anyone I've spoken to seems to have grasped this. I already don't love getting up before the sun in the winter. Having it be dark until mid-morning is not an improvement over the status quo. calgary.ctvnews.ca/hate-springing…

I don't rate him much as a provincial leader, but credit where credit's due... theguardian.com/sport/2021/aug…

Our last car would steer to park itself but you had to apply the breaks and control the speed. The new version only requires you to keep your finger on the “park” button while it manoeuvres around forwards and backwards and then puts itself in park once it's done.

Queuing without barriers. Makes you proud to be British. https://t.co/6Zy2GMMhft

Have you noticed how the word "super" is slowly replacing the word "very" in American English? Only in a positive sense for the moment: you often hear "I'm super excited", for example, but rarely "I'm super upset" or "super afraid". It's super interesting

Bark, woof bark, bark bark.

Woof bark bark bark woof.

Bark woof.

Technology is so great. @SnoopysBF and I don't even need to go outside to supervise @asiancwgrl watering the lawn, we can do it from the comfort of the sofa. 🛋️🐕🚿 https://t.co/Tyc13gr25r

Dogs will ignore their owners if they know they are lying.


Bark bark, bark bark bark!

I like big butts and I cannot lie.
My brother likes small butts and cannot tell the truth.
We each guard a door, one leads to the biggest of butts, the other to certain death.


Nope. engadget.com/facebook-messe…

Please. It only takes a minute to sign the petition. change.org/p/reddit-we-wa…

Continuing my neverending and slightly ludicrous drive to add every device we own into @home_assistant. Today I installed a #sonoff fan controller flashed with #tasmota into our bedroom ceiling fan. https://t.co/XPekXz4ffT


First time desoldering components from a PCB and I broke one of the traces on the board, so I've cut it, sanded it, and now I'm going to try and repair it. Wish me luck! https://t.co/J4IeVzGkaC

Psychopaths tend not to procrastinate.

Built my first @esphome_ powered device on the weekend and since then I've been switching over my existing DIY projects one by one. Today it's the turn of @JasonsPlant https://t.co/WeIrGHv7KS

This weekend's DIY electronics project, displayed here in its most ludicrous setting. I added LED lighting under the bed! @esphome_ & @home_assistant ftw. https://t.co/CatiRLZydP

I've just completed my first @esphome_ project and I'm super pleased. I'll almost certainly use it to replace the software on all the DIY ESP8266 devices I have around the house, and I think it's set a new standard for how smart home stuff works in this house...


I never thought of this as a complex topic until I saw it being explained below... twitter.com/NoContextBrits…

There’s mistakes and then there’s this... https://t.co/1GT0lF1A8S

No, The Other One xkcd.com/2480 https://t.co/guPaprSglD

The illusion of choice? Or is this the opposite of that? https://t.co/ZhnEg7sIRG

I'm trying out the Pomodoro technique to try and improve my time management. Working from home I have trouble with the little tasks and I need to get more organized about them to prevent them from exploding into big tasks. Has anyone tried it? Any feedback or pro-tips?

Seems reasonable, I guess. twitter.com/JasonsPlant/st…

This is what I've been making today. An ambient bias light for behind the TV that takes the colours from the edge of the screen and projects them onto the wall. I kind of dig it. https://t.co/4CU34m3a1c

You can tell when I've been working on a DIY electronics project because every surface in my office – including the floor – ends up covered with tools, components, and envelope after envelope of AliExpress deliveries. Time to tidy up. https://t.co/szjOcKLCiu

@JayWll I was half joking, but it turns out they’re up to variant kappa, so that leaves us lambda, and then mu.


Second vaccine dose booked!! As of next Friday I will officially be invincible.

Breaking news: https://t.co/FfqU0H11F0