Bark woof.

Technology is so great. @SnoopysBF and I don't even need to go outside to supervise @asiancwgrl watering the lawn, we can do it from the comfort of the sofa. 🛋️🐕🚿 https://t.co/Tyc13gr25r

Dogs will ignore their owners if they know they are lying.


Bark bark, bark bark bark!

I like big butts and I cannot lie.
My brother likes small butts and cannot tell the truth.
We each guard a door, one leads to the biggest of butts, the other to certain death.


Nope. engadget.com/facebook-messe…

Please. It only takes a minute to sign the petition. change.org/p/reddit-we-wa…

Continuing my neverending and slightly ludicrous drive to add every device we own into @home_assistant. Today I installed a #sonoff fan controller flashed with #tasmota into our bedroom ceiling fan. https://t.co/XPekXz4ffT


First time desoldering components from a PCB and I broke one of the traces on the board, so I've cut it, sanded it, and now I'm going to try and repair it. Wish me luck! https://t.co/J4IeVzGkaC

Psychopaths tend not to procrastinate.

Built my first @esphome_ powered device on the weekend and since then I've been switching over my existing DIY projects one by one. Today it's the turn of @JasonsPlant https://t.co/WeIrGHv7KS

This weekend's DIY electronics project, displayed here in its most ludicrous setting. I added LED lighting under the bed! @esphome_ & @home_assistant ftw. https://t.co/CatiRLZydP

I've just completed my first @esphome_ project and I'm super pleased. I'll almost certainly use it to replace the software on all the DIY ESP8266 devices I have around the house, and I think it's set a new standard for how smart home stuff works in this house...


I never thought of this as a complex topic until I saw it being explained below... twitter.com/NoContextBrits…

There’s mistakes and then there’s this... https://t.co/1GT0lF1A8S

No, The Other One xkcd.com/2480 https://t.co/guPaprSglD

The illusion of choice? Or is this the opposite of that? https://t.co/ZhnEg7sIRG

I'm trying out the Pomodoro technique to try and improve my time management. Working from home I have trouble with the little tasks and I need to get more organized about them to prevent them from exploding into big tasks. Has anyone tried it? Any feedback or pro-tips?

Seems reasonable, I guess. twitter.com/JasonsPlant/st…

This is what I've been making today. An ambient bias light for behind the TV that takes the colours from the edge of the screen and projects them onto the wall. I kind of dig it. https://t.co/4CU34m3a1c

You can tell when I've been working on a DIY electronics project because every surface in my office – including the floor – ends up covered with tools, components, and envelope after envelope of AliExpress deliveries. Time to tidy up. https://t.co/szjOcKLCiu

@JayWll I was half joking, but it turns out they’re up to variant kappa, so that leaves us lambda, and then mu.


Second vaccine dose booked!! As of next Friday I will officially be invincible.

Breaking news: https://t.co/FfqU0H11F0

Most of the bacteria found during a recent study of the microbiome of the London Underground were previously unknown to science.

"history exists in other places, in other forms," williamson says. melting down these statues doesn't destroy history, it just takes take of a statue. you don't learn history by going to a park and looking at a statue.

Breaking news: https://t.co/BgtWs1ehH5

Thank goodness there were Hitler statues everywhere when I was young and I got to attend Joseph Goebbels Junior High because how else would I have ever learned about Nazis?!

is my mood today.

#ableg #abpoli #cdnpoli

Sad to announce that this morning Vanessa the deskplant was involved in a tragic workplace accident. She'd grown very tall and her leafy protuberances became tangled in my window blinds, and when I opened them to help circulate the air in here her head came off. twitter.com/JasonsPlant/st…

A commiseration of Doppelgängers. https://t.co/76wHRVyr8d

Unexpected product sizes is the scourge of doing your grocery shopping online. Today's case in point: this can of hairspray that I got for @asiancwgrl that turned out to be travel size. https://t.co/5vWL31ECK9

Grey’s Anatomy: The steamy medical show horrified Canadians for its true-to-life portrayal of what privatized medicine looks like. bit.ly/3vvcovi

“And Alexander wept, for he had no more worlds to conquer.” twitter.com/JayWll/status/…

If anybody wants some wallpaper stripping tools or this bottle of solution that has at least 50% left in it, let me know. They're so effective that I have no wallpaper left to use them on. https://t.co/rT9gvxzau7


One day in to the long weekend and I've already been to @HomeDepotCanada three times. I need to go at least once more tomorrow too.

According to a 2011 study, a book feels heavier if people are told it contains writing on an important subject.

Seems legit. I definitely want to build myself a bindicator. thechive.com/2021/05/20/som…

I've ordered a WiFi module for the ceiling light/fan in this room, because once you have 8 of the 9 lights in a room hooked into your @home_assistant smart home the missing one really bothers you 🤔💡 https://t.co/vwfBWGoEhX

What does one do with an empty toner cartridge when one hasn't been to the office for 14 months and can't just quietly dump it in the photocopier room? Asking for a friend, obv.

This dog guy has so much to say today. twitter.com/SnoopysBF/stat…


Fool me once...

I just learned the word “codec” is a portmanteau of compression/decompression and I don't know how that escaped me until now 🤯


Booking a #COVID19AB vaccine through AHS, TL;DR edition in 3 tweets.

Born 1991 or earlier? On Thurs May 6 at 8AM, you can book a vaccine!

Here’s how to do it on the AHS website:

Go to the AHS site on Thursday morning around 7:30AM. albertahealthservices.ca/topics/Page172… #abvax (1/3)

I normally wouldn't suggest reacting to a news article without reading it, basing an opinion on the headline alone. But I feel like everything I need to know is right there:
“A New Way to Press NES Controller Buttons Is Shaking Up Competitive Tetris” vice.com/en/article/akg…