Booking a #COVID19AB vaccine through AHS, TL;DR edition in 3 tweets.

Born 1991 or earlier? On Thurs May 6 at 8AM, you can book a vaccine!

Here’s how to do it on the AHS website:

Go to the AHS site on Thursday morning around 7:30AM. albertahealthservices.ca/topics/Page172… #abvax (1/3)

I normally wouldn't suggest reacting to a news article without reading it, basing an opinion on the headline alone. But I feel like everything I need to know is right there:
“A New Way to Press NES Controller Buttons Is Shaking Up Competitive Tetris” vice.com/en/article/akg…

twitter.com/TheBreakdownAB… https://t.co/qQZgXxnPeJ

In Welsh, peaches are called eirin gwlanog, literally woolly plums.

Couldn't go back even if I wanted to.
instagram.com/p/COVxuZgjAip/… https://t.co/DRfHSGyjFl

why are people paying Hulu money to watch handmaid's tale when the world is already sad for free

Stop me if you see someone you know https://t.co/eVz3o9JkRM

Wrong apartment. We kicked him out months ago. https://t.co/uDb84az8Qq

Had a dental checkup and a cleaning today.
Dental hygienist: "Did you have popcorn at lunchtime?"
Me: "No. I don't remember the last time I had popcorn."
DH: "Oh."

#April25th https://t.co/qEnpV6Op6G

Watched Groundhog Day this afternoon, and Palm Springs this evening. Should we just keep at it until the list is done? en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_f…

I switched from pi-hole to adguard home today and it has a control panel for turning off various services like Facebook. Maybe this is the next evolution of that...

Woof bark bark bark, bark!

‘Crash blossoms‘ is a term for a type of ambiguous headline that invites alternative readings, e.g. ‘Gator Attacks Puzzle Experts’, ‘Death Happens More Slowly Than Thought’, and ‘British Left Waffles on Falklands’.

First dose #TeamPfizer https://t.co/iAmyf6fjXF

Vaccine appointment booked! 💉 https://t.co/0iBhGHYxWX

Instead of our normal afternoon walk today we had playtimes in the yard with our favourite outside ball. @SnoopysBF has never been so excited. twitter.com/SnoopysBF/stat…

Dog facts API. I don't know yet what I'm going to build with it, but something.

Quick evening project: bringing garbage collection info into @home_assistant so it can remind me to put it out when I take @SnoopysBF for his evening walk. @cityofcalgary has an API for that.

One in twelve 1p and 2p pieces are used once and then thrown in the bin.

I have a vaccine appointment on Sunday morning. Unfortunately it's 6,841km away on a different continent. Thinking of going anyway. 💉

Consider yourselves told. twitter.com/SnoopysBF/stat…

Possible next project...? twitter.com/carlocaprini/s…

By the 14th century, human waste management problems had become so widespread in French cities that, for instance, medieval Paris had streets named rue Merdeux, rue Merdelet, rue Merdusson, rue des Merdons, rue Merdiere, and rue du Pipi.

Priceless NFT Artwork Vandalized With Spray Paint Tool bit.ly/3cvcAnt https://t.co/SqMnM4N57a

According to new research by astrophysicists at MIT, work tasks take, on average, 1.7x the time you think they will.

"I'm not traveling, I’m not entertaining, I’m just sitting in front of my computer — but I am accomplishing way less. It’s like a whole new math. I have more time and fewer obligations, yet I’m getting so much less done.”
--Susan Orlean

Olive Oil In Skinny Bottle Obviously Better bit.ly/31J91Ul https://t.co/IyqHpXekQj

I'm formulating plans for the next phase of #smarthome stuff: @ZWave dimmers (which I've already ordered from @smartest_house), trying out some #zigbee bulbs other than #PhilipsHue and flashing #Tasmota onto everything that'll take it (we have at least a dozen cheap smart plugs).

How to achieve Smart Home nirvana (or, home automation without subscription) arstechnica.com/information-te…

Something we like to do here on April Fools’ Day is play harmless practical jokes and pranks on the unsuspecting.

Springtime in #YYC. https://t.co/F8CB69b492

Thanks to whoever watered me just now!! So moist.

Frap that. They're zoomies. twitter.com/qikipedia/stat…

Those frenetic periods of random activity when your cat or dog suddenly zooms around for no apparent reason have an official name: ‘frenetic random activity periods’, or FRAPs.

Bark woof woof.

Why ask for extra salt and pepper packets if you’re not even going to use them?

If Wales win tonight, AWJ will be the first man to win a Grand Slam in three consecutive decades 🤯

#GuinnessSixNations #FRAvWAL https://t.co/ppkZQdFj7R

Did a bit of gentle sanding with a Dremel and really thought I'd somehow filled the air with sawdust everywhere in the house. Started to panic about the enormity of the cleaning effort. Eventually caught on that it was just my glasses that were dirty. 🥸

Ask yourself:

Could this meeting be a zoom?
Could this zoom be a phone call?
Could this phone call be an email?
Could this email be a text?
Could this text be unsent?

Could we in silence retreat to the forest?
Could we, by game trails & forgotten paths, vanish into the trees?

Woof woof bark bark, woof!


Double feature in our home theatre today. “Coming to America” this afternoon, followed by “Coming 2 America” after dinner. https://t.co/x6lJJWRKlb

Woof, bark bark.

Before Australia selected ‘dollar’ as the official name of its currency in 1963, among 1,000 names suggested by the public were the oz, the roo, the boomer, the kwid and the dinkum.

5G has arrived in my neighborhood! I'm not 100% sure when this happened because I hardly ever leave the confines of my home WiFi these days, but mobile internet is now as fast as my home cable connection ⚡ https://t.co/MqsjvAa6xl

Happy International Women’s Day! Shoutout to local Women too. You’re also pretty great. #InternationalWomensDay

Did you know that you can ask Google Assistant “what's this song?” and then just hum it!? I just learned this and used it to find this (which I grant you, probably lends itself very well to humming).


According to new research, your cat will happily take treats from your enemies.

Your dog, however, will not. https://t.co/c1EnCENCbT