About a third of the UK population has discussed the weather within the last hour.

I want to thank Jason Kenney for his public service.

There are obviously many things about which we don’t agree, but that doesn’t negate the time and sacrifice that goes into taking on the role of Premier.

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Former President George W. Bush: “The decision of one man to launch a wholly unjustified and brutal invasion of Iraq. I mean of Ukraine.” https://t.co/UMwNMwMnmX


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On Sunday, May 1, 2022, I’ll be participating in Walk so Kids Can Talk presented by BMO to help ensure Kids Help Phone can continue to be there for youth, whenever and however they ... kidshelpphone.akaraisin.com/ui/walksokidsc…

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Wordle 302 2/6


to do list https://t.co/qg3sf8ObA6

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#Boom 💥 Wordle 298 3/6



I'd forgotten that the internet at the office is nowhere close to how fast the internet is in my house. Today I had to download a 500mb video and it took 32 minutes...

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“Are you free to jump on a quick call?”
“No thank you”

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“My favorite words are the ones that seem easy but actually, like, totally f*** with you.” In @newyorkerhumor, the Senior Word Engineer of Wordle reveals his process. Watch here: nyer.cm/HcwvenN https://t.co/s18OZ6icvy

today. i wasn’t a very good dog

april fools. i was so good

Wordle 281 3/6. It took me 20 minutes of staring in disbelief at the letters I'd eliminated in my first two guesses before I came up with my third word.


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“Sorry for my late reply! I’d momentarily just given up and hoped everything would go away if I ignored it, but it didn’t so here we are…”

Happy 10th anniversary to the Peace Bridge! Wow the decades go by fast these days. twitter.com/nenshi/status/…

In 2021 an arrest warrant was issued for a woman in Oklahoma after it was discovered she hadn’t returned a copy of Sabrina the Teenage Witch on VHS to a video rental store in 1999 when it was due.

In 1996, a store manager in California robbed the store, reported the robbery, and then gave a detailed description of the ‘suspect’ to the sketch artist. When the police pointed out to him that the ‘suspect’ looked exactly like him, the man confessed.

To the person who first said “cheer up, it might never happen!” - I hope you’re happy, now that everything has indeed happened.

Wordle 264 2/6. First time ever in less than three!! Definitely more luck than skill, but I'll take it nonetheless.


happy international womans day to my women followers, everyone else go jump in a lake, you dorks. it's not your day. it's not about you.



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Wordle 259 4/6. Four guesses is very much my default, even when I get four of the five.letters on my second guess.


I need more soft pillows and candles. I suspected as much 🙄

I think the Raspberry Pi that powers the dashboard on my office TV is broken. Yesterday it wouldn't boot, and today it keeps giving me memory errors. I wouldn't mind, except you can't get a Raspberry Pi for love nor money at the moment 😔

The craze evidently is dying out fast and in a few months it will have been forgotten. THE NEW YORK TIMES in 1925 on crosswords

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Reckon it would leave me pause for thought if the Taliban thought I’d gone too far twitter.com/alexcrawfordsk…

Hmm.... https://t.co/aUPdzXUQXB

Headline Words xkcd.com/2584 https://t.co/4EICI7J1dU

A truck is not a speech. A horn is not a voice. An occupation is not a protest. A blockade is not freedom, it blocks the liberty of all. A demand to overthrow a government is not a dialogue. The expression of hatred is not a difference of opinion. A lie is not the truth.

Do Americans actually believe this? https://t.co/lGlebb7tAj