The White House is lit up rainbow tonight in celebration of President Biden signing the Respect for Marriage Act. https://t.co/vDaydF4NZH


Kanye west is the biggest piece of shit on earth. Quote me.

Britain can’t believe it’s December.

I'm way behind where I usually am on my to-do list, and it's my first time seeing this notification. I have to assume these two things are connected and therefore what the notification actually means is “omg, get your shit together, Jason” https://t.co/1IWg3iCZw2

Quite the adventurous day today! Trip to the dogtor for my first shots, ready to come home with @jaywll and @asiancwgrl on the weekend 🐾 instagram.com/p/ClUwscJJIHM/…

Who knew you could Doordash Home Depot? https://t.co/Q0Mh00zCkB

Let’s take a minute to appreciate ‘cappuccino’ in Welsh. https://t.co/U2KmdfNjve

If standard shipping arrives tomorrow, what's express shipping? For those occasions when you only have an hour to get a pre-lit Christmas tree or Santa won't have anywhere to leave the presents? https://t.co/UgKUq1RdZc

Now that I'm a #mastodon veteran (of three days) I'm starting to figure it out and I really like it. It reminds me of early twitter when it was an actual community before it filled up with negativity and brands trying to hijack trending topics. Might try @PixelFed next...

Evergreen tweet twitter.com/anothercohen/s…

working on myspace

i truly believe that i will usher in a new era of peace and prosperity when i get every single post on hthis fucking website deleted by 2022

Securing my username in case a supervillain takes over twitter and destroys it from the inside. Y'know, seems prudent. mstdn.ca/@jaywll


How many people were there on the day you were born? worldpopulationhistory.org/my-population-… twitter.com/Rainmaker1973/…


Sorry, ⁦@piersmorgan⁩. Unavailable. https://t.co/DyS2i3xAx4

There was a point this week I wasn't sure it was ever coming... 🤷🏻‍♂️ twitter.com/CraigWeekend/s…

lol that's great


#yyc #calgary https://t.co/q5WdMt6got

Thank you, mysterious stranger that took time our of your walk to school to retrieve our wayward garbage cans after all the wind last night 💨 https://t.co/C9Pmty2zDU

What Is Robotic Process Automation and How Can It Save You Time? makeuseof.com/what-is-roboti…

👔👨🏻‍💼💀🎃 https://t.co/KOTkgH0zNl



Report Confirms Anyone Who Really Likes A Politician Is Insane bit.ly/3MNLlVF https://t.co/117p05KPxV

Be a 26° snow angel, #YYC ☃️🌡️ https://t.co/jvH5WgIEwB

There's a reason you always have room for dessert - your stomach expands in contact with sugar.

Police are using DNA to generate 3D images of suspects they've never seen. trib.al/Mhy0oDZ




The 3 hardest things to say:

1. “I was wrong.”
2. “I need help.”
3. “Worcestershire sauce.”

I want to stress that Kyiv’s off peak frequency while being invaded is better than nearly all of America’s transit systems during peak. I’m genuinely at a loss of words. https://t.co/kySKx2QK1g

I abandoned my @madebygoogle Chromecast with Google TV because it just didn't have enough storage space. I assumed it would be better than a @Xiaomi Mi Box, but I was wrong.

The funny thing about this tweet is that I accidentally drowned the succulent I originally had on my desk, and the plant actually *is* a cactus.

On the other hand, is it actually funny if I have to explain the inside joke I have between my desk plant and I? Maybe debatable. twitter.com/JasonsPlant/st…

Anyone else remember light alive? Was this a thing in Canada? doyouremember.co.uk/memory/lights-…

It’s definitely got chillier.




“I forgot where our office building is, and I’m too afraid to ask.” — Nolan Sheppard (Sales Rep) bit.ly/3A4qCYP

The Seán O'Casey bridge in Dublin was designed to swing open to allow ships to pass through.

It stayed closed for four years after the operator lost the remote control.

(Image: Peter Misik; CC BY-SA.) https://t.co/8laWccR5Ag

🤣 "It’s political correctness gone mad" - reaction as the UK appoints first simpleton Prime Minister flip.it/3kqjzi

Streamed a Christmas episode of a show we're watching, and it inspired me to get tickets to this for @asiancwgrl and I. ⛄🎄 calgaryphil.com/events/home-al…

The cloudiest city in the US gets more sunlight than the sunniest city in England.

Wife cracks open her eye ever so slightly at 6am

Me: what we thinkin for dinner?! We have those pork chops in the freezer or I could make soup. I’d never turn down pizza either haha

absolutely the best thing you'll see all day, month, year, century https://t.co/lOT0cFdie6

Happy international left-handers day from @asiancwgrl and I! I was looking for a left hand emoji, and this is the only one: 🤌🏻

5.1 l/100km. I managed to get it down to 5.0 at one point, but I haven't managed to crack into the 4s yet. https://t.co/wUFgX3khRQ