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#yyc #calgary https://t.co/q5WdMt6got

Be a 26° snow angel, #YYC ☃️🌡️ https://t.co/jvH5WgIEwB

We have purchased an art! More photos to come once it's hung, I'm sure. It's called “Lights of Winter” by Janice Mather and it depicts Stephen Ave at Centre St here in #yyc. https://t.co/AcrX0V5F9f

I want to thank Jason Kenney for his public service.

There are obviously many things about which we don’t agree, but that doesn’t negate the time and sacrifice that goes into taking on the role of Premier.

#ableg #yyc #yeg #abpoli

Recently I've been building a new home office. This has involved me spending literal thousands of $ at Amazon and I don't love that, so here are some places you can #ShopLocal in #AB & #YYC online. Please add your own suggestions!

Springtime in #YYC. https://t.co/F8CB69b492

Checked the #YYC traffic cameras to see what road conditions are like given all the snowfall and https://t.co/TchIGd5jqg

Pls RT! We need access to the Federal Contact Tracing App that WILL notify us. We love AHS Contact Tracers, but they are too busy! Also, AB business will need to travel. #LetsStayOpen #YYC #COVID19 https://t.co/tk2JDSzqZs https://t.co/KtU5RAOra1

It's a great day for indoor activities, #yyc

.@DougCoupland’s giant installation “Northern Lights” lighting up The @TELUS Tower for the first time (that’s not a test).

Beautiful #YYC https://t.co/IcNpxZOWyj

Imagine a future where you can get on a bus without needing to carry coins or paper tickets. It's going to be a reality soon in #YYC! https://t.co/4YA8Q67O6k

Lightning hit the CALGARY TOWER!!

#yyc #abstorm @weathernetwork https://t.co/l79UdDSLqh

Infographic: Total COVID-19 cases in areas within the City of Calgary as of May 20, 2020 #yyc #COVID19AB https://t.co/klqANKLRRf

So much about pandemic life has me feeling conflicted. I think opening restaurants and, especially, salons tomorrow would be too soon and it's the right decision to delay that in #YYC. On the other hand, I'm really tempted to go to Red Deer in the morning to get my hair cut.

Looking to use open data on Open Data Day?
Access road conditions, crime stats and even find a bench to watch the sunset. It’s all available on https://t.co/IPX82KxiJg 🌇

#OpenDataDay | #ODD2020 | #yyc https://t.co/UwSti7OxV3

Planning our route back to #YYC in the most Canadian way possible ☕ https://t.co/S7rKhWO1Wa

Good morning, #YYC! It's time for me to pull my Calgary socks up and carpe this effin' diem.

It's too cold for a #Weekend #Morning #ExtraMediumWalk with @snoopysbf today, so we stuck to our short walk route and hastily snapped the obligatory landscape pic right by the house. Stay warm, #YYC! ❄️🐾📸

15 Yemen Road, Yemen. He's 13 hours from #YYC. I'm monitoring the situation closely, as usual. #Santa #SantaTracker 🎅

Sunrise in #YYC, last week 🌇
I feel like I should superimpose an inspirational quote on it.

...and back to #YYC we go, after snapping the traditional family #AirplaneSelfie of course.

Dinner, drinks, and back to #YYC — with @asiancwgrl

Vancouver International Airport (YVR)

3211 Grant McConachie Way, Richmond, Canada

Yahoo, did you hear the news? Electric scooter sharing has officially launched in #yyc! https://t.co/FLhq1s4FeS

I dot know why this wasn't available asoon as they opened the new Inernational terminal at #YYC, but its here now. https://t.co/nR0lpSoQXH

April 25th. Happy #MissCongeniality Day! #NotTooHot #NotTooCold #AllYouNeedIsALightJacket 🤣 -Tyler, Danaye & Fuzzy #VirginMorningShow #YYC https://t.co/TjOzfmTnUr

It's perhaps not @limebike weather here in #YYC right now, but this pleases me nonetheless. Can we add @car2go and @Uber next?

Today's obligatory landscape photo from my weekend morning big big walk with @snoopysbf is taken from the breakfast room, because yeah. Also there was no big big walk. #Weekend #Morning #BigBigWalk #YYC #YYCwx 📸🐾🐕

Throwback ten years and two days - Dec 30, 2008 was when I packed up as much stuff as I could carry and moved to Canada. Hard to believe 2019 marks the start of my second decade in #YYC.… https://t.co/hSgFQnBmkP

Throwback ten years and two days - Dec 30, 2008 was when I packed up as much stuff as I could carry and moved to Canada. Hard to believe 2019 marks the start of my second decade in #YYC.

Someone (@SnoopysBF) enjoyed & yelled (barked) through the whole @Spruce_Meadows #christmaslights display. If you were just there #yyc & heard him, we're so sorry but that was his happy bark. https://t.co/B9NwLDebps

It's another glorious day for a weekend morning big big walk with @snoopysbf! #NoFilter on today's obligatory landscape pics. 🐕🐾📸 #YYC #Weekend #Morning #BigBigWalk @ Northwest Calgary,… https://t.co/ijKnMoTNvL

Weekend morning big big walks are the best! Except when @jaywll insists that we stop for photos #DogsOfInstagram #Yorkie #YorkiesOfInstagram #InstaDog #InstaPet #YYC… https://t.co/kIBWCGstIG

Can anyone recommend a #YYC electronics store? Where do you go when you suddenly find you need a light dependent resistor, and you need it now? (cc: @stevetsuida)

We’ve officially issued the first of 2 operating permits for the Dockless Bike Share Pilot! You can expect to start seeing shared bike services on the streets & pathways of #yyc this week as part of the first pilot project of its kind in Canada. More info: https://t.co/dURX9LFxWi https://t.co/mJTiqRE9hR

It's a smoky weekend morning big big walk with @snoopysbf this morning, although it does seem to be better than the past few days. #NoFilter #Smokey #YYC #Weekend #BigBigWalk 🐕

It's a smoky and cloudy weekend morning big big walk with @snoopysbf this morning, and 12° feels great to walk around in after the 38° debacle from two days ago. #Weekend #Morning #BigBigWalk #Smokey #YYC 🐕

Stay cool out there, #yyc.

It's such a great day to be outside that I almost forgot to stop and Instagram this s#!+. #YYC

It's #AirplaneSelfie time again! Widescreen this time because there's three of us. #LHR to #YYC.

The sun burning through the clouds on this morning's doggy/daddy Sunday big big walk. #YYC #Sunrise