Really enjoyed today's puzzle of the day. It's #sudoku, except instead of providing a few numbers to get started you get regions with the total given for the numbers they contain.

It's a glorious day for a #Weekend #Morning #ExtraMediumWalk with @snoopysbf. There's some ice beneath the snow that made it a bit slippery, but it's nice and warm for once. The obligatory landscape pic is my classic “sunrise through the trees” shot.

Still not my favourite puzzle type, but at least I knew enough this time to not accidentally turn it over and see the answer before seeing the question. Expand to see it.
Answer: Tower

I bought a pencil and an eraser – neither of which I've had any need for in years – to improve my workflow when a sudoku pops up from my stack of one a day puzzles. ✏️

A rare Saturday #Weekend #Morning #ExtraMediumWalk with @snoopysbf this weekend because @asiancwgrl is off today and wanted to sleep in. 🐶 is so mad about this that he's shaking, despite the glorious sunrise we saw outside. 🐕🐾📸

New kind of puzzle today. Not my favourite.
The word is “cabin” and I know this because I accidentally looked at the back of the card when I was picking it up from the pile 😐

It's still too cold (-26°c this morning) for a full length #Weekend #Morning #ExtraMediumWalk with @snoopysbf, so today's obligatory landscape pic is from by the house. We're looking forward to warmer weather this week! 🐾🐶📸

No #Weekend #Morning #ExtraMediumWalk with @snoopysbf today because it's too cold for doggy feet, but we needed an obligatory landscape pic so we drove to Canmore and snapped this one of some mountains. 🐾🐶📸🏔️

Just a short #Weekend #Morning #ExtraMediumWalk with @snoopysbf today because @asiancwgrl have an online class to go to, but there were still some excellent sniffs to be had and an obligatory landscape pic of the sun starting to rise from the horizon. 🐶🐾📸

New type of puzzle today. It's called Kakuro, and it's a kind of number crossword. I liked it!

Everything has a light dusting of fresh snow and the world is all sparkly and white for today's walk with @snoopysbf. The obligatory landscape pic doesn't even do Had t justice. Had to skip our extra medium route today in favour of our regular weekday path, but 🐕 was eager to get home for breakfast anyway. 🐶🐾📸

It was a bit of a treacherous #Weekend #Morning #ExtraMediumWalk with @snoopysbf today, but at least 🐕 slept in a bit and we didn't have to go at sunrise. Black and white obligatory landscape pic today. Artsy. 🐶🐾📸

Relatively simple puzzle today, which is good because I really didn't have a spare hour to dedicate to it like I spent on yesterday's sudoku. 😐

The numbers 1 to 9 go in the white squares

I got matching hoodies for @asiancwgrl and @snoopysbf! They comprehensively failed to arrive in time for Christmas, but the wait was definitely worth it.

Dog insisted that today's #Weekend #Morning #ExtraMediumWalk with @snoopysbf take place in time for him to see the sun come up, so we took a stroll down to our favourite neighborhood pond, snapping an obligatory landscape pic along the way. Back home now for cuddles on the sofa. 🐕🐾📸

Our routines are starting to get back to normal, and of course that includes the #Weekend #Morning #ExtraMediumWalk with @snoopysbf. The fact that we didn't get around to it until 4pm and the obligatory landscape pic is at sunset probably doesn't bode well for my first day back at work tomorrow, though. 🐕🐾📸

This year's Christmas Day #Bond movie: 2002's Die Another Day. Pierce Brosnan drives an invisible Aston Martin, if I remember correctly.

It's a white #Christmas #Afternoon #ExtraMediumWalk with @snoopysbf today. We snapped the obligatory landscape pic over the ravine behind the house. Back home for movies now. 📸🐾🐕

Steamed and frothed Bailey's poured over a shot of espresso might become a new Christmas thing in the De Guzman-Williams household.

Happy festivus, everybody! I got a lot of problems with you people.

Winter arrived.

Cup of coffee to start my day off. Carpe diem, yo. ☕

Burrito, except it's in a zucchini instead of a tortilla 🌯🥒👍🏻 #PicturesOfFood

Mr. Bobcat enjoying the sun, relaxing on the patio.

It's been a warm week and the snow has pretty much all melted for our #Weekend #Morning #ExtraMediumWalk with @snoopysbf. Melting snow means lots of things to sniff at, and a sunny and bright obligatory landscape pic. 🐾🐕📸

Today's cheese from the cheese advent calendar was a “cheddar with spicy bell & jalapeño peppers” and I very much enjoyed it.

It's going to take forever to vacuum up after these glittery bastards. I shouldn't have assembled them in the house.

Christmas has arrived at @timhortons.

No ducks to see at our favourite neighborhood pond on today's #Weekend #Morning #ExtraMediumWalk with @snoopysbf, just ice.

I've made a tactical error. I need to use five pins in this plug. I only have four colours of wire, but that really makes no difference, so I soldered the wires on. It was tricky, intricate work but I did it. I was so pleased with myself when I was done that I immediately assembled the plug, put the cover over it and tried plugging it in to the Roomba. It fits! Except now it's assembled I don't know which of the green wires is which 😔

It was a bit of slippery #Weekend #Morning #ExtraMediumWalk with @snoopysbf today, although that's really more of a two-legged problem than a four-legged problem. Get your obligatory landscape photo here. 🐕🐾📸

“Red Dragon” #Pixel5. A little bit of patriotism, but mostly it's so I can tell it apart from @asiancwgrl's boring black version. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿📱@dbrand

Last week I didn't go for a #Weekend #Morning #ExtraMediumWalk with @snoopysbf because the weather was too bad. This week is very different and it's a beautifully sunny day out there, if a little chilly. Please see the obligatory landscape pic for more details. 🐕🐾🌄

Everything is better with WiFi. #roomba #hacking #esp8266 #arduino #weekendproject

Weekend project. Gonna try making my old Roomba much smarter. #smarthome #arduino #esp8266 #roomba

Since the clocks changed last night the sun had already risen for today's #Weekend #Morning #ExtraMediumWalk with @snoopysbf. All the snow from last week is but a distant memory and the obligatory landscape pic is another autumnal vista. It's a breezy and warm start to November, and things could definitely be worse. 🐾🐕🍂

“Pleasure awaits your company in bed.” 🔮 #ChineseFood #FortuneCookie #InBed

There was a point there where I was starting to wonder if it would ever stop snowing, but it's a glorious (if chilly) day for a #Weekend #Morning #ExtraMediumWalk with @snoopysbf and some obligatory landscape photography. We went to our favourite neighborhood pond but it's already frozen over and all our duck friends have moved out. 📷🐕🐾

Just tearing the family room apart to replace some speaker cables, no big deal.

Today's #Weekend #Morning #ExtraMediumWalk with @snoopysbf was actually in the afternoon because I slept in. It was the first snowy walk of the season too, which makes for lots of thing to sniff and a moody obligatory landscape pic 📷🐾🐕🌨️

We slept in a little bit and it was a slightly later #Weekend #Morning #ExtraMediumWalk with @snoopysbf today. It's a glorious autumn day out there as evidenced by the sun streaming through what remains of the leaves on these branches in the obligatory landscape pic. 🐾🐕📷

Technology has gone too far ⌚🌱

The obligatory landscape pic from today's #Weekend #Morning #ExtraMediumWalk with @snoopysbf is the most autumnal one yet. Peep those leaves! It's beautiful weather for outdoor activities this weekend. 🐕🐾🍂🍁

The older he gets, the earlier our #Weekend #Morning #ExtraMediumWalk with @snoopysbf starts. It's looking and feeling very autumnal out there today, as the obligatory landscape pic will attest. 🐕🐾🍂

The #Weekend #Morning #ExtraMediumWalk with @snoopysbf returns today and we took a stroll down to our favourite neighborhood pond. It's starting to feel very autumnal out there and most of our duck friends have left. 🦆🍂🐶🐾

There was no #Weekend #Morning #ExtraMediumWalk with @snoopysbf this morning because I slept in instead, so here's a quick obligatory landscape pic from one of yesterday's many walks in the mountains. 🐕🐾🏞️

World's largest dragonfly, @jannybird83 #roadsideattractions

I've been sitting right in this spot for an hour or so now; @asiancwgrl is in the cabin behind me, drawing and listening to smooth jazz; @snoopysbf doesn't find it so easy to just sit and relax, unfortunately 🐕🌅